That's right, people dig us here at Tiny-Ass Apartment. Sometimes, they even blog about us.

The Guardian: Less Is More - The Age of Minimalism, by Stuart Jeffries
"There are hundreds of similar sites [on minimalism], clogging the internet like stuffed toys in a spoiled toddler's cot. My favourite is"

MSN Real Estate: How To Call A Broom Closet Home, by Leah Culler
"Simone Chavoor also started a tiny-apartment design blog in 2009 when she went looking for ideas and didn't find much. She says many of the home-and-garden websites and TV shows are designed for people who had more space, more money and more power over their space."

Too Beautiful To Live with Luke Burbank and Jen Andrews
In reference to moving into a 400-square foot converted carriage house in her (Jen's) new home of Fort Wayne, Indiana: "Simone of the SF 10's sent me her website to give me inspiration and I'm loving all the ideas."

Real Estate Refugee: Yes, your tiny apartment can be stylish, by Carolyn Ali
"No sooner had I written my last post about storing onions in my bedroom than I came across a kindred spirt: Simone Chavoor, who writes the Tiny-ass Apartment blog... My apartment definitely qualifies as tiny-ass, and I do aspire to be fabulous, so I dove right in..."

Andrea Stanley's Stories from the Stoop
Guest blogged July 13, 2010
"... I actually kind of like living in a smaller space... But then there are some days when I come down with a slight hint of cabin fever. If I had just one more closet. Or one more bedroom. Or one more kitchen cabinet. Or a washer and dryer that doesn't look like it came out of a dollhouse. Life here at Flat 521 would be perfect, I think. Whenever that happens, I head over to get some advice from the darling Simone. She blogs at Tiny Ass Apartment about how to make the most of your, well, for lack of a better phrase, tiny ass space. She is the shoe shine for my shoebox. Even if your abode isn't classified in the tiny ass category, I'm pretty sure you will love her advice, too."

Design Sponge
Guest blogged March 8 - 12, 2010
"i’m thrilled to welcome simone of tiny-ass apartment to the d*s guest blog. as i’m sure you can guess from the name, simone’s blog focuses on creating and maintaining great style in a small space. since so many of us are working with limited space situations, i thought it would be fun to have simone join us to share some of her expert (she lives in a 300 square foot apt in hollywood) small space advice."

"Welcome, Simone"
"Storage Beds"
"Closet Home Offices"
"Hanging and Hidden Storage"

CasaSugar via Apartmentalizing
"Our friends at Tiny-Ass Apartment (one of Apartmentalizing's Web Faves!) always have great images of and tips from real people who live in, well, tiny apartments!"

Herman Miller
"As her title suggests, Simone Chavoor tackles small interiors with a cheeky gusto that makes reading her blog as much fun as looking at it. Where to start: With the weather warming up check out Simone’s garden post and get a few ideas on how to bring some green into your home office."

Graphic Design Degrees - Top 100 Interior Design Blogs
"8. Tiny-Ass Apartment : Apartment and loft dwellers seem tragically underrepresented when it comes to interior design blogs, but this one offers up quite a bit of advice to suit their restrictions."

Kelly + Olive
"WIN. sometimes something is so nuts that i have to drop everything i’m doing and post about it... saw this over at D*S, where Simone, of TAA is writing super funny posts about having a place that is on the wee side."

Clove Orange
"Finally, there’s Tiny-Ass Apartment, compiled by Simone... Tiny Ass Apartment has tips and tricks and a healthily irreverent attitude that makes for a good read regardless of your dwelling’s proportions."
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