Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Links roundup: overlooked storage, inspirational tiny houses, studio living tips, and out-of-the-box DIY ideas!

Better Homes and Gardens: 13 Storage Spaces You're Overlooking

Living in a small apartment, you've probably already crammed every nook and cranny with your stuff. But have you missed a potential new storage spot? Some of Better Homes and Garden's tips are for those who can do a little renovation, but other suggestions, like behind the door or on a narrow wall, work for renters too.

CasaSugar: 12 Tiny Homes That Prove Small Is Beautiful

These architectural masterpieces demonstrate how cool and modern a tiny house can be. While the thought of owning one of these small wonders is still just a daydream for broke folk like me, CasaSugar's gorgeous gallery will have you drooling.

House Beautiful: Yes, 400 Square Feet Can Feel Spacious. Here's How.

It should come as no surprise that the head stylist for One Kings Lane can turn a "big white box" of a studio into this banging pad. Andrew Stewart offers his tips for one-room living, including the brilliant idea of using your closet for palette inspiration. By looking at the clothes you already have and love, you'll easily see what colors you'll want in your home.

Real Simple: 10 DIY Home Decorating Tricks

Designer Michael Garvey has some truly out-there DIY ideas. He took a Sharpie and a ruler to his white couch to create a chic geometric print, and he covered his tabletop with duct tape for texture! Hell, if you've got cheap IKEA furniture, why NOT do something crazy with it? If you're wary of doodling on your furniture, Garvey offers more subtle tips, like placing a mirror on the wall and pushing your dining table against it to "double up your decor."


  1. "geographic print"? I think you mean either geometric or graphic. :)

  2. Hanging your shoes is a great way to clean up some floor space, which is crucial in a smaller apartment. The back door of your closet or your bedroom is usually under utilized space anyway.

  3. As a small space dweller myself, (525 sq ft), I find some of these tips for living large in a small space excellent... Thanks!

  4. Thanks so much for these! My husband and I just moved into our 200 sqft Airstream and I'm looking for every clever decorating/storage tip I can find. This is a treasure trove!


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