Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hung Up: Doubling your closet space with clever clothes hangers

If your apartment is the size of a walk-in closet, well, you can forget about having an actual walk-in closet. Finding enough space for your wardrobe can be a challenge, but these clever clothes hangers can maximize what you've got.

The newest hanger on the scene comes from designer Ivan Zhang, who has totally reimagined what a hanger can be. Zhang's design, the Hanger' (yes, the apostrophe is supposed to be there; his studio is named A’postrophe so what do you expect?) can actually change shape as needed. It flexes and twists, then snaps in place to turn a single-garment hanger into one that can accommodate two or more. See it in action over at Wired. (Thanks for the heads up, Trey!)

Beyond Zhang's cutting-edge creation, your average Container Store and Target carry their fair share of space-saving hangers. Above, Apartment Therapy rounds up some of their favorites. I'm pretty partial #6, the velvet-covered slim "huggable" hangers: they take up less horizontal space than wooden hangers, and the texture keeps garments from sliding off.

If you don't want to spend the money to replace your existing hangers, a few household items can unlock the unused space in your closet. You can use the pop-top tabs from soda cans to hook a second hanger onto the first, or you can use a chain to "stack" your hangers vertically.

In other news, I did an interview with Floor Coverings International about design, blogging, and how I got into both. I don't have a formal background in interior design, but through related studies and experience, a longtime enthusiasm for design, and the necessity of pulling together my own tiny homes, I've really come to love and embrace the design and blogging communities that Venn Diagram each other. (Oh yeah, I just made up my own transitive verb.) Check the link for the full interview!


  1. These items are very well thought out, I like style n° 4 as we can hang clothes in front and behind, quite clever and it helps to save extra space.

  2. Awesome and handy hangers you've got there c:

  3. Great idea to organize wardrobe!


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