Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The divider's afoot: Major footboards that act as room dividers

Especially in studios, it's important to carve out a little space that's just for sleep. When your whole life happens in one small room and everything feels on display, keeping your bed area private will help you sleep at night -- literally.

We've seen tons of examples of room dividers running alongside beds to shield them from the rest of the room, and some huge headboards that also serve that purpose. But less common is the room divider footboard. I have to say, I rather like this idea. Depending on the layout of your apartment, this might be a better idea than the other configurations. In these examples, you can see that the headboard of the bed is placed up against the wall. To swap it 'round and have my head essentially in the middle of the room would feel weird to me! This way it follows my basic furniture placement instincts.

The footboard-as-divider technique also has the added benefit of leaving those sides open and leading the eye back to the wall, creating a feeling of space that would be lost if a larger divider (which would be required to run down the side of the bed) were used. And of course, these fantastic footboards can also be used as storage. If you're laying in bed and want to grab a book, you can just snatch it up with your toes -- or sit up and use your hands, if you're not that dexterous. 

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