Friday, March 2, 2012

Beauty secrets: Quick tips for organizing your glam station

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Here's a quick one for your Friday, my lovelies! As you might have guessed, being such a big computer nerd means I'm a Redditor too. A while ago, a fella posted this image with the title, "The worst thing about moving in with your girlfriend…"

Hah! Even just living with myself I know this is true. I use bobby pins all the time to tame my sometimes-unruly hair, and I know how they disappear like socks in a dryer, but turn up like weeds in a garden. (How do ya like mixin' them metaphors, eh?) If my bangs just WILL NOT stay out of my eyes, I can usually brush my hands under the seat cushions and come up with a bobby pin or two.

But as we all know, keeping neat and organized is the key to living in a happy tiny-ass apartment. Even if they're small little things like bobby pins, if they're enough of a nuisance that your boyfriend has to complain to Reddit about them, it's time to get them under control. And so, here are a few quick tips.

Brittany at Superwoman has earned the title Woman of… well, not steel… Woman of Whatever Metal Bobby Pins Are Made Of. A magnetic strip attached to the back of her medicine cabinet keeps her pins neatly tucked away.

Lifehacker, home of "Why didn't I think of thats?", has this clever solution for a mess of ponytail holders. A carabiner keeps them looped together, while still allowing you to pull out only the one you want.

Finally, Real Simple shows you how one of those magnetic paperclip holders can corral your bobby pins as easily as your office supplies.

I also wanted to give a quick reminder that today is the last day for voting for Apartment Therapy's Homie Awards! Tiny-Ass Apartment is up for Best Home Design Blog, and though we can't touch the big dogs running at the front of the pack, every vote we get leads to more exposure, more readers, and more opportunities for this lil' site. Click here to go to the voting page. Scroll down past the list of nominees to the bottom of the ballot, and click the link to either sign in or sign up. Once you're logged in, you can vote for Tiny-Ass Apartment -- I know the list of sites is long, but if you Control+F the word "tiny," it'll get you there fast.

Thank you so much for voting, and thank you to everyone who already voted. I am so incredibly grateful for amazing readers and friends who're helping TAA out.

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