Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wet works: 10 storage solutions for sinks, showers, and tubs

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I read some article a long time ago that interviewed professional maids and asked them for housecleaning tips. One maid mentioned splitting up duties between "wet rooms" and "dry rooms." Wet rooms were obviously where there was a sink or tub, like the kitchen or the bathroom, and dry rooms were everything else. Because I've seen too many spy movies, my mind immediately made the leap from "wet rooms" to "wet works." I can see it now. You come into your target's house, disguised as an unassuming maid. But in your mop bucket is a pistol with a silencer, and you take out the bad guy, use your Swiffer to remove any fingerprints, use the vacuum hose to rappel out the window, and make your escape.

… But since we're more likely to have to wipe up in the kitchen than wipe someone out, I guess it makes more sense to offer some organizational advice for wet rooms on TAA than it does spying tips. Not that I even have any; the closest I've gotten to being in a Bond movie is daydreaming about Daniel Craig.

Most renters have to make the best of the tub that they've got, but if you're in the enviable position to choose a new one, consider this nifty "Stowaway Bathtub" from GW International. All your bathing or cleaning supplies can be tucked out of sight into these clever racks. From Apartment Therapy.

These curtains remind me a bit of the NeatSheets TAA featured a few months back. With pockets sewn right into your shower curtain, everything you need in the shower is at your fingertips without taking up space on the rim of the tub… or the shower floor… or on the shelf… From Freshome.

We've also covered using a hanging metal fruit basket in the bathroom before, but not necessarily in the shower, as Real Simple does here. The wire baskets allow for plenty of drainage, and being able to hang the rack from the ceiling is ideal if you're unable to install things on a tiled wall.

Our last shower solution is for people like me who are shampoo bottle hoarders. What can I say? I see a new product, or something that's on sale, I buy it, and I want to try it out right away! Now I've got three kinds of shampoo, three kinds of conditioner, two face washes, a face scrub, a body scrub, shaving supplies, body wash -- and yes, I do use them all! (Not at the same time, of course.) Thankfully, this hanging rack from Urban Outfitters can handle a bottle collection like mine.

As with the tub, people in apartments don't often get a say in their sink. Still, it's fun to drool over this creation by the Bouroullec Brothers, as seen on Design*Sponge. The multiple tiers and appealing curves elevate this storage sink from bleh to beautiful.

Pedestal sinks may look wonderfully old-school, but they offer nothing by way of storage. Add a hidden area for storage while giving your bathroom a glam look with this sink skirt from Dollar Store Crafts.

Or, if all your sewing projects end up with stitches reminiscent of Frankenstein's monster's face, you can purchase a cabinet that fits right around the pedestal, adding under-sink storage and some additional surface space. From Ltd. Commodities.

This bamboo over-the-sink-shelf (from Organization Makes Sense) can be used in either the bathroom or the kitchen, and is especially useful to keep things up off a wet countertop.

I really like this rustic shelf seen on The Polo House. It stretches from edge to edge of the sink, maximizing the space, and offers little cubbies to keep your things upright and within easy reach.

Finally, a pretty tiered server can be used to hold more than just petit fours or scones at afternoon tea. (Although I would not object to a server filled with baked goods anytime, anywhere!) In the bathroom it can hold soap, toiletries, and cosmetics, and in the kitchen it can be a spice rack or fruit platter. No matter what you put on it, it'll look simply delicious. From Amazon.

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  1. @Leilani: Aw, thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

  2. Lovely sinks! The Bouroullec Brothers creation can be used in an office too, right?

  3. A lot of pretty storage ideas but none very practical for myself I'm afraid. Then again I'm a single man living in my own place in Illawarra, I tend not to have a lot of cosmetics in the bathroom anyway haha!


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