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Well hung: 14 wall-mounted organizers for any room

Well hung title

Before we get into today's post, there's someone I'd like you to meet first.

His name is Mark. Well, Accu-Mark. (I guess it's a family name?) Anyway, he's totally level-headed, and really useful around the house. Whenever you don't know which way is up, he's always there to guide you. If nothing else, I can guarantee that he's well hung, and sure to leave you satisfied.

Seriously, though. Before you attempt to purchase and install any of the awesome organizers I've found for you, please please please get a level and use it. I know I can be anal-retentive, but I once lived with someone who installed a towel rack on the inside of our bathroom door crooked and it was all I could stare at when I was sitting on the toilet.

To save yourself (and your houseguests) the pain of cocking your head to the side and going, "You know, it is a little off," a level, a pencil, and a second opinion work wonders. And in the end, you'll have a perfectly level, perfectly useful wall organizer that is so amazing that people on your toilet (or couch or whatever) will be forced to either gape at it in awe, or avert their eyes lest their retinas be burned by its perfection.

Floorspace, countertop space, tabletop space -- all surface space is precious when you live in a small apartment. It only makes sense that you get your little odds and ends off the desk, table, or what-have-you and store them someplace else -- the wall, perhaps? Here, we see the (very expensive) grandaddy of the wall organizers: the Vitra Uten Silo. Its 1969 mod design and vast array of differently-shaped cubbies make it incredibly appealing, but at over $400, it's not likely going to fit a tiny-ass budget. Via Nova68.

Much more reasonable are organizers such as this felt one as seen on Apartment Therapy. I myself have a small version of this that hangs by magnets to my fridge door. Here, you can see that it can also be mounted to the wall of any room, like a storage closet, entryway, or crafting space. Via Aesthetic Ourburst.

This is an organizer to die for. Now, I find myself saying weird things like that all the time ("I want to make love to this wall organizer," "This desktop inbox/outbox system and I were meant to be," "Have you ever seen such a beautiful remote control caddy?"), but this time I really mean it. Sadly, this vintage piece sold on Etsy some time ago, but it can still inspire the search for similar products, or perhaps a DIY project.

There are two things I love about this particular mini-cabinet: the simplicity and the name. A small shelf, just perfect for bedside accoutrements like an alarm clock, notebook, and glass of water, is perfect for someone who can't squeeze in a nightstand to mount next to their bed. The "roof" also not only accomodates a book, but cleverly keeps your place as well. But to cap it all off is the name Ferm Living gave it: the "One Bedroom Cabinet." Well, one bedroom or studio, it's still designed for someone with smaller living quarters! Via Outblush.

While perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing, this organizer from Great Useful Stuff (they really get to the point with their name, don't they?) is ideal for an entryway or office space. With some well-placed cables it could even double as a charging station.

Read on for nine more wall organizers to get your neat freak on...

This kind of wall ogranizers appeals to two kinds of people: the green, and the cheap. There ain't nothin' wrong with either -- and if you live in the Bay Area like I do, most people are both. Cleaned, recycled tin cans can be glued together into a pleasing design and then mounted on the wall, creating cubbyholes for pens, pencils, Berkeley Bowl coupons, and other odds and ends. From Green Upgrader (once again, not burying the lede with the name here).

If "Tangerine Tango" means something to you (and no, it's not a cocktail), then you're a design-concious type who would dig this Pantone-hued mail sorter and message board. From Heliotrope Home.

Oh man, are those Jelly Bellys? Cotton Candy flavored ones? Or maybe Strawberry Daquiri? Hm, they could be Bubble Gum, which is pretty bleh as a flavor… Er, sorry. Sometimes my sweet tooth overpowers my good-design tooth. These classy glass holders with zinc labels are from the RSH Catalog, and were featured on HGTV's blog.

See Jane Work is one of my favorite sites for online window shopping. One day when I have a corner office (as opposed to a desk in the breakroom), I'll treat myself to some pretty patterned file folders and sophisticated desk accessories. But you don't have to wait until you're a C-level executive to use this incredibly simple and practical wall pocket. Its long trough shape accomodates just about anything, and because it's metal it can also serve as a magnetic message board. Via Real Simple.

Umbra also has some pretty cool, futuristic-looking home and organization accessories. This holder is as sleek and white as if it came out of Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, and has nifty drop-down hangers as well.

For those of you who prefer a more romanic look, Urban Outfitters has two punched-metal vanity organizers that provide room for your beauty supplies, hangers for jewelry and accessories, and a mirror. There's this white one

… and this turquoise one. This one in particular would be great for a dorm, as it can also be hung over a door instead of being mounted on the wall.

Going from romantic to rustic, this organizer (also from Urban Outfitters) has pockets for your things, hangers, and a chalkboard for messages. It's got a cute one-room schoolhouse look if your style inspiration comes from Little House on the Prarie.

Our last organizer is another from Urban Outfitters. Like the previous organizer, it's got an earthy, rough-hewn look that's a bit more industrial with its metal drawers. There's also twodifferent matching wall-mounted lockers available for even more storage.

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