Monday, February 27, 2012

Facebook finds

Facebook finds

It's that time where I recap all the awesome links I've posted to Facebook over the last week! This week not only do we get two awesome small homes to drool over, but some practical information for us broke renters as well. After all, when you're renting a tiny-ass apartment, you're likely going to have these two things: IKEA furniture and a crappy landlord.

Now, one of the links I posted has a bit of self-interest to it. Apartment Therapy is having their Homie Awards again, and, well… I'd sure appreciate it if you threw Tiny-Ass Apartment a nomination. More exposure for the site opens up more opportunities for things like contests, giveaways, and special features. If you could, please take a moment and nominate TAA here!

CNN: Ultra-small is beautiful for Japanese homeowner (Via Neatorama)

Apartment Therapy: IKEA launches a "how to build" IKEA channel

Lifehacker: How to avoid getting screwed when renting an apartment

Shoesbox Dwelling: "Swiss Army" style apartment

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