Friday, February 10, 2012

Bubo knows best: Sleeping in the closet

I never met an excuse to post pictures of my cats that I didn't take, and today is no exception.

My cat Bubo is the ultimate lurker. He likes hiding in dark, enclosed spaces, safely blending into the shadows while peeping out with his grumpy yellow-green eyes. (And if he belonged to any online message boards, he'd read everything but never, ever post.)

One of his favorite spots that I always have to shoo him away from is the closet. Now, I don't like him getting fur all over my clean towels -- stepping out of the shower and drying off only to find yourself covered in cat hair is not a fun experience -- but he may be onto something.

Sometimes, as if to compensate for the lack of space everywhere else, a small apartment might pleasantly surprise you with a really big closet. Some people opt to create a closet office as we well know, but if you have a studio apartment, it might be more practical to use that opportunity to separate your bed from the rest of your living space. Not only does it make your home more guest-ready, but it's always nice to have a private, designated area where you can recharge.

A risk in putting a bed in a closet is ending up with a space that's a dark, dreary cave. While some people like the idea of a pitch-black sleep-cave (I know Bubo does), others would rather not feel like they're sleeping at the bottom of a hole. Most of the examples in this post have white or light-colored walls to make up for their lack of windows and natural light. In Jennie's cute closet bedroom (via Apartment Therapy), the palette is a bright white, taupe, and teal, with an energetic, contrasting accent of dark red. The two textures on the wall add more interest without overpowering the small space, and the glass bubble pendant is a cute way to bring in some light.

Another pale palette can be seen in Manuela's closet bedroom (also via Apartment Therapy). Light tan and white make up a clean, neutral, and relaxing look. The black and white photos in their white mattes leaning against the wall from the shelf continue in that vein; it's a sophisticated style that keeps the eye moving without being overstimulating. It also makes use of what is obviously a bar for hanging your clothes!

Next up is Shannon's place (once again from Apartment Therapy). The white of the walls blends right into the white of the linens, making the space feel bigger and brighter. I love the pops of orange she's got going on -- especially that garden urn turned magazine rack!

This Copenhagen apartment (via Espresso Moments) just cries "carefree artist." A haphazard collection of books and two distressed doors frame the sleeping area. The inside looks like a comfortable place to relax, sketch, and read.

While this example from Houzz (which is technically just a seat, not a bed) features bookshelves as well, the effect is drastically different. With the built-ins, recessed lighting, and more somber color palette, this space feels more like a library -- not a bad thing when you're looking for a quiet place that says "Leave me alone, I'm reading! Katniss just got to the arena…"

Martha Stewart's converted closet here also contains a couch, not a bed, but the idea carries over. I like the frames covering the wall; it makes it feel like a small, secret art gallery.

And finally, let's not forget about the kiddos. OhDeeDoh gives an example of a nursery where the crib's been tucked away into a closet with its doors removed. More floor space to chase around the rugrat and fewer corners for them to bump into head first seems like a win for parents.


  1. Your cat is so cute even if it sleeps on the sofa or cabinet. Looks like it doesn't get bothered even if there's a bit construction going on at your house.


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