Thursday, January 19, 2012

Up a ladder: Even more loft beds

My party-planning lady-boss, Sophie, has a thing for ladders. You can often find her up one, either in our giant, freezing warehouse, or hanging a bit of decor at an event. She feels as comfortable high up in the hair as she does with both feet planted on the ground, and has survived the most gasp-inducing falls with the grace of a cat. (Although not my cat Bubo. Bubo lands with the same thud a sack of potatoes would make.) Me, I'm not so carefree when I'm gripping the sides of a ladder for dear life, looking down at the ground that I'm so sure will soon rush up and smack me in the face. But then again, if I had a gorgeous loft bed like one of these below, it'd be worth the risk to luxuriate in the comfy covers high up in the air.

Laddered loft over closet in a bright, youthful studio from Thirty-Something Drama Queen.

The dark finish and ornate details make this dramatic loft with reading nook feel like something the Vampire Lestat would have… if he didn't sleep in a coffin and all. From Beacon Hill Studios.

Bleached and breezy Cabo Polonio, Uruguay home by Solange van Dorssen via Desire to Inspire.

Well proportioned loft bed with stairs from Furniture for Small Spaces via efeMereality.

Clean, white Stockholm vacation rental from HomeAway UK.

Very practical loft bed with shelf stairs from Minor Details via BldgSpace.

Dreamy French artist's loft vacation rental from VRBO.

Bold and modern studio from We Heart It.

From WoodGears. Includes detailed construction notes.

Shabby chic studio by Hannes Soderland, via Homebug's Flickr.


  1. LOVE the ladder ... I wonder how I could make that ...

  2. What a Great name for a blog! And defiantly needed topic. Especially, since Bangkok seems to be growing upward instead of outwards. More condo owners call us about interior designs with 60-80 sq-m. WOW! a challenge at times because of thin floors, restrictions in renovations, time schedules for the building etc. However, it's good to see a site such as this. Thanks

  3. Thank you for posting your insight into lofting. Using a loft bed could be an interesting way for those in a smaller space to save room.

  4. I love loft beds, there are so many neat creative ways to use them for more space! Very cool collection, thanks for posting!

  5. thanks for sharing! I love those type of bed!

  6. The second picture looks like a loft bed fit for a manor or something. There's something about heavy-built steps painted in dark colors that makes them look faintly European, in my opinion. Nice design.


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