Sunday, January 29, 2012

TAA on Pinterest: Sunday pins

As you probably know, I am obsessed with Pinterest. Pinterest, if you're not familiar, is a two-year-old social network based on "pinning" images to "boards" that you create -- a virtual moodboard or inspiration board. I can scroll for hours through the pretty things my friends pin: clothes, shoes, home accessories, inspirational rooms, art, cool photos...

I thought that it would be fun to bring a little bit of Pinterest to Tiny-Ass Apartment every week. Be sure to join Pinterest (email me for an invite if you need one!) and follow me (TinyAssApt) to see all of the eye candy I've found! (Did Simone just pin three pairs of Loubutins, an Essie nailpolish, and a cute kitten to her boards at four a.m.? Why yes, yes she did.)

Here's which image, featured on Tiny-Ass Apartment, has been most popular on Pinterest this week (click the picture to go to the pin page)...

I can find some pretty random stuff on Pinterest and online, and I've got a board for everything. This silly meme in my "Heh." board riffs on "HELLO YES THIS IS DOG" and the movie The Ring... If you get it, it's hilarious... and you probably spend too much time on Reddit.

Pin of the Week is my personal favorite pin, even if it has nothing to do with small space living. At first I thought this image was a painting, which needed to be on my wall post-haste. Then I realized it was a photo by Oeil Photography... Wow. (I still want it on my wall.)

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