Friday, August 12, 2011

The Ottoman Empire (full of furniture, for some reason)

Target is basically my favorite store. Here's how I roll: I walk in, grab one of their sleek red and gray carts, toss my purse in, walk past the accessories section, ogle the purses, wish they were real leather, swing by the cosmetics section, check out their Essie nailpolish colors (they never seem to have the most recent collection), then move along to the very exciting things I actually need. I inevitably end up at the checkout with cat litter, tampons, maybe a bottle of wine or pint of ice cream, and I wonder to myself what other items I should throw into my cart so that I don't look like the crazy cat lady that the cashier will surely think me to be.

On my most recent trip, these caught my eye. We've covered storage ottomans (over on Design*Sponge) and ottomans and trays before, but these are a bit of both.

The open wooden frame of these ottomans provides a small bit of storage -- perhaps a stack of magazines or a basket with your remote controls in it. With the flat side up, you've got yourself a tiny coffee table or side table. And presto-changeo, with the cushioned side up, you can put up your feet or create extra seating for a guest.

Perhaps next time I'll put one of these in my cart along with my Friskies, Tampax, and Ben n' Jerry's -- and a shovel, roll of duct tape, and handsaw.  You know, just to make 'em wonder.


  1. I once went to Target to get ready for a camping trip, looking for a hatchet and a tarp. I was JUST about to ask a Target employee where I could find a hatchet and a tarp before I stopped myself. That would have been an interesting day at the local police station.

  2. @Ana - that's the funniest thing I've heard all week!


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