Friday, August 19, 2011

Odds n' ends: Real-Life TAA search, friends' blogs, and gravity-defying bike storage

Hear ye, hear ye!

Tiny-Ass Apartment is looking for some fresh new Real-Life TAAs! I'm particularly looking for Bay Area-based homes where I could come visit for a quick interview and in-home photo shoot, but all spaces from all parts of the world are welcome. And please don't think for a second that we're looking for magazine-perfect homes -- we keep it rill here at TAA. (Although yeah, maybe put away those dishes in the sink before taking pictures.) Check out the RLTAA guidelines here, and email me at simone (at)!

I also wanted to take a moment to plug my friends' blogs. I love these ladies, and you will too!

Sasha's Hollywood Bites - My girl Sasha is an LA-based entertainment reporter and amazing chef, and has accomplishments like reporting for NBC and starring in the Food Network's "Private Chefs of Beverly Hills" under her belt. Her blog features her reporting on the latest in TV and film, as well as restaurant reviews and tasty recipes.

Queerie's Sinful Misadventures - L.M., a.k.a. Queerie Bradshaw, is a recent law school graduate who has spent most of her life pursuing her passion for passion. She loves "shoes, social justice, and sex" -- and her new site is dedicated to all that and more. (Some content might be NSFW.)

Megan's and Meghan's and Laurie's and Sara's Stellar Four - These four ladies write about the girly side of nerdy, with equal parts thoughtful analysis of gender roles within the genre and squee-ing over their latest Etsy finds.

Jamie's How Very Jamie - A self-styled fashionista, Jamie combines the classic and the fun in her blog dedicated to personal style.

Sophie's Sophie's World (obviously) - How I spend my 9-to-5! Sophie Maletsky is a Bay Area-based children's party planner with over 16 years of experience entertaining kids. While we work on getting our main site off the ground (due to launch in September), Sophie shares her knowledge about kids, crafts, games, activities, parties, and running a successful small business on her blog.

Speaking of friends, I finally convinced one of 'em to contribute to this here blog! Kwame is an industrial designer with an incredible eye for fashion and design. But just beneath his spot-on style is a kind of rugged mountain man; he's a cycling enthusiast who knows a thing or two about things with two wheels. If you're likewise bike-inclined, take a look at this find:

Check it out: The Michelangelo Storage Rack by Delta Cycles. This rack holds two bicycles off of the floor in a space-saving vertical configuration. The true brilliance of this product however is in its clever use of the Immutable Laws of Physics. [Note: Kwame's also a TOTAL NERD. -- Simone] The Michelangelo rack is balanced in such a way that your bicycles' own weight keeps it upright and against your wall; no drilling, screwing, or mounting required. [Note: That's what she said. -- Simone] The designers calculated the the center of gravity of the rack, and then made it so that's where you hang your bike. The weight of the bikes are then evenly distributed between the two legs and the one part that touches the wall. It's subtly ingenious.

It also features two "Easy Adjust Arms" that can be configured to cradle your precious bicycle frame securely, and soft rubber feet won't slide or damage hardwood floors. It's available from for $55.64 (kind of a random price, but okay).


  1. Great. That was really a nice bicycle storage. Thanks a lot for sharing it.

  2. This is great article thanks for sharing, Looking forward to other articles on properties.

  3. I live in a pretty large apartment. So I don't have to save on space too much. But it's always good to get stuff off the floor. Thanks!


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