Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Carving out a closet: sectioning off space to serve as storage

I don't know anything about this fine young gentleman other than he was photographed at a demonstration just before New York voted to legalize gay marriage, and that I really want to be his friend.

He's also absolutely right -- closets are for clothes (fabulous, fabulous clothes), and not people who are made to feel different. But... what if you don't have a closet?

According to real estate law, a bedroom is a room that 1) has a door that closes, and 2) has a closet. But the reality is that sometimes we have odd-shaped apartments carved out of what used to be large old houses, or single-room studios that used to be part of a warehouse, and all sorts of weird situations that sometimes leave us without a proper closet. So, how's one to store their clothing collection?

There are a few options, like wardrobes, but try this on for size: section off a part of your room as a closet using a curtain. This takes installing a curtained door on a normal closet to the next level -- instead, you're essentially installing a curtain that runs the length of a wall, a few feet out from that wall. (I would suggest 2.5 - 3 feet to make sure it's deep enough for your hangers to fit properly.)

From This Is Glamourous via Re-Nest

From West Elm via Crafty Cook-Ups

If you don't want to bother covering up with a curtain, you can still designate a part of your room as closet space while leaving your clothes out and in the open. You'll have to take care to keep up with your hanging and sorting, 'cause there's no hiding your mess. But if you view your clothes as wearable art, then show 'em with pride!

From Jenny Shus

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  1. Hey. I must say that your blog is awesome. I have seen the pictures you have attached in your blog and I really like the way you fix your clothes in the closet. What a very resourceful mind.


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