Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A little something for the kiddos

One of the advantages of children is that they're small people.  Really small.  Like, toddlers are, what, two feet tall?  They can fit into all kinds of spaces that most adults would say violate the Eighth Amendment.  You could practically put them in a large dog crate and they'd be fine, although I seriously don't recommend it if you have real, living children in your care.  (Aren't we all glad that I don't?)  I mean, Harry Potter lived in a cupboard under the stairs and he turned out just fine.  Besides, the little nooks below, courtesy of BabbleApartment Therapy, Southern Living, and Lykke Og Lykkeliten are sooo much cuter than a crate or cupboard.  Your own tiny people would love spaces like these, and you won't even have child protective services called on you!

Via BabbleApartment Therapy, Southern Living, and Lykke Og Lykkeliten.


  1. I would have loved a cozy little spot like that when I was a kid. Kids love being in places that look like secret hideouts or forts.

  2. Fun little nooks!! I would of loved this as a child.

  3. These look good, small space being utitlised make the most of small space. Thanks for this post, might look into small places I have at home and make something for myself!

  4. Hey. It is really great. I know your kidos will really enjoy this idea.


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