Friday, July 8, 2011

I feel happy of these walls!

Just to update you on something I brought up in a recent post: this past weekend I tried to re-learn how to ride a bike.  It did not go well.  The bike belonged to someone much, much taller than me, and teetering on the top of it, unable to reach the ground, scared the bejeezus out of me.  There may have been tears.  It certainly did not go as well as it did for this little dude:

But enough of my failures as a fully-functioning adult. Let's talk about not being able to afford wallpaper. (Oh, wait...)

Over at The Gloss, Jessica Ogilvie bemoans the fact that she's too poor to afford the adorable wallpaper she so desires. And who hasn't been there? Who hasn't browsed Graham & Brown with lust in their heart and nothing in their wallet? Still, Jessica's found a way to get at least a little taste of the delicious colors and patterns she wants at a fraction of the cost. Her solution: order samples, mount in picture frames, and hang on the wall. (It also helps get around the arduous task of actually putting up wallpaper, and gets around the no painting/papering problem many renters face.) Check out her full post for the details.

Now, if you're a little less industrious, and have slightly more cash, check out these amazing wallstickers from The Wallsticker Company. These ain't your average wallsticker -- these cover the entire wall. So, essentially, they're one-sheets of wallpaper that you can remove, adjust, take with you to a new space, and get around those pesky landlords holding onto your deposit. Babble's Family Style blog (yes, I read a lot of "mommy blogs" now for my day job at Sophie's World) featured some really cute ones. It's hard to believe that it's not paint or traditional wallpaper -- those stripes are amazing!



  1. LOVE the wallstickers!!!!!!!!!

  2. Okay. I had a really rocky start to biking again as an adult. I have to say that the RIGHT size bike makes all the difference! I actually HATED biking when I was on a larger roadbike and now I really like it on a small step-through frame bike. And when I say I HATED it, I mean I not only had a miserable experience where it was hard to control the bike but also I had the seat pushing up into my lady bizness, doing some damage I didn't think possible.

    So - from one rocky start to another - rent or test out the right-size bike and then see how you like it.

    Dude. Wallpaper. I wish.

  3. jesse.anne.o : LOL! I totally know what you mean! The bike's bar was so very much up in my lady-business that I thought I was going to get pregnant and give birth to tricycles. I have definitely not given up on re-learning to ride, though. I just need a smaller, lady-business-friendly bike. Preferably with training wheels.

  4. The wallstickers are great! A different alternativ to wallpaper and musch easier to apply and remove thanks for the pics!


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