Friday, July 1, 2011

The Bike Shelf

After leaving Los Angeles, which roughly translates to "No One Walks, Everyone Drives," I've been thinking more and more about using a bike to get around. Sure, I haven't ridden one in maybe 15 years, but if riding a bike is the go-to example for things that you'll always remember once you've learned, maybe starting up again won't be so hard. However, in a tiny-ass apartment, a bike can take up a LOT of space. And when leaning it up against a wall or mounting an ugly metal rack are simply not enough, consider this beautiful solution. Chris Brigham is a designer and woodworker based right here in San Francisco. He says he created the "Bike Shelf" because "while visiting friends who live in small apartments here in San Francisco — and even more so in NYC — I noticed that there is a void when it comes to elegant bike management," he says. The Bike Shelf is available through Chris's studio, Knife and Saw, in walnut for $300 or in ash or maple for $275, with customization available for an additional fee. Not cheap, no, but it still keeps your bike safely put away while simultaneously turning it into a hanging work of art.
Via Remodelista and Knife and Saw.


  1. So glad that you're posting again! Welcome back! Hoping that you'll pass on some knowledge to me in my tiny-ass apartment, Canadian style!! So happy to be your reader!

  2. Very cool shelf+bike storage! I wonder if the shelf might be more useful for a stereo speaker rather than books (depending on how high off the floor it needs to be to act as bike storage...). The finish is very stylish.

    What the others said, as well; welcome back; been wondering how you were/are.

    (another Canadian reader with a tiny-ass apartment)

  3. Hooray! You are back!!

    This rack is awesome. Now I just have to find some blank wall space in my tiny tiny apartment...!

  4. This is a great idea combining innovative, unique, interesting, art and practical uses thanks for this post, need to get myself one!


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