Friday, March 4, 2011

Off-topic: Other blogs!

In case you TAA-dwellers had been wondering what's been keeping me so occupied, you may want to check out the links below. I'm proud to be a part of two other wonderful blogs -- they're not design or small-space related, but I thought I'd share them just the same!
Sophie World ( I was in college when I met Sophie, children's party planner extraordinaire. I worked at events on weekends for a few years, then after graduation I moved to Los Angeles. She and I stayed friends on Facebook, and when I moved back to the Bay Area it just so happened that she needed some help around the office. I came onboard, and now we're working on a new website project. We're putting together a comprehensive site with crafts, games, activities, party ideas -- just about anything you need to keep your kids entertained. Right now we have our Facebook page with a tons of pictures and a place to interact with Sophie and other parents, our YouTube channel with our how-to clips, and our blog with Sophie's party-planning stories. My favorite stories have to be her tales of cakes gone bad (think Cake Wrecks, but from a panicky party planner's perspective), and Sophie's "MacGuyver Moments." I'm telling you, what that woman can do with just some tape and a paper clip...
Stellar Four ( Stellar Four captures two of my favorite things: nerdiness and girliness. The lovely ladies at Stellar Four make no apologies for being the kind of gals who love a good Star Trek marathon as much as they love MAC's new makeup collection -- and it doesn't hurt that the collection is Wonder Woman-inspired, either. If you're a fan of both io9 and Jezebel, but wish they would make cute and geeky babies together, Stellar Four is the place for you.

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