Thursday, February 24, 2011

With a touch of your remote...

We've got buttons for everything now. You can indicate your support for something on Facebook with a click of the "like" button, Staples has its "easy button," and let's not forget the push-button car engine start that gave Little Vader a boost in that VW commercial. Portugese design firm Consexto now brings us a push-button condo. Like Gary Chang's Hong Kong apartment, this 44-square meter home transforms itself to suit its owners' needs. Using a remote, you can have the walls move to maximize space in one room over another, drop down kitchen shelves like in the pic above, or turn your dining room into an entertainment center.
You really do have to see it all in action in order to appreciate how cool this is. Unfortunately the vid's in Portuguese -- or I should say, unfortunately I don't speak Portuguese. But the pretty, pretty pictures are enough for me to follow along.

Closet House from ArchDaily on Vimeo.

Still, the moving walls make me think of another Star Wars-related scene. Here's hoping they don't malfunction and squash its occupant...
Via Dornob.

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