Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cubbies for grown-ups

Ah, the cubby. So commonly found in kindergarten, it's your first space outside of your home where you can stash your treasures: your brown-bag lunch that your mom was written your name on, an interesting rock you found on the playground, a slap bracelet or pogs or Pokemon cards or whatever your generation's into. A wall of cubbies, one for each kid's stuff. As an adult, a wall of cubbies still has its appeal. Why do you think I love the EXPEDIT so much? In a tiny-ass apartment, a wall of floor-to-ceiling storage is incredibly useful. Practically speaking, the EXPEDIT or BILLY (like Rebecca from Loving Living Small so beautifully demonstrated) are more realistic, but that doesn't stop me from drooling over the amazing work of Platt Dana Architects, who were recently featured on Apartment Therapy: New York.
Their use of built-ins, both closed-cabinet and open, makes for tidy, organized spaces. Even small nooks like the one below feel bright and clean, with everything tucked away in the wall units. Sure, there's no telling what kind of mess lurks behind those shiny white cabinet doors, but once they're closed no one's the wiser.
Having an entire wall of cabinets and shelves makes finding a place for all your stuff dead simple. So easy, in fact, a kindergartener could do it. Via Apartment Therapy: NY.


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