Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Apartmental physics

I doubt that Sir Isaac Newton was a renter. They kind of glossed over most of his personal life in high school physics class, so I can only guess at whether or not he came up with "what goes up must come down" in regard to pulling down your wallpaper when trying to get your security deposit back. (Somehow I think he wasn't.) But whether he intended his law that way or not, it's still true that when you're renting an apartment and want to get your money back, you're going to have to take down all the little improvements you made while you lived there. We've covered temporary wallpaper here on TAA before, and I even took you through the process of putting it up in my own home. But I recently came across two great articles about both the beginning and the end of having temporary wallpaper, and had to share! Over at Lifehacker, Melanie Pinola has put together a great post on installing fabric wallpaper -- with the added creative twist of using cutout fabric to create more designs than just the base "wallpaper." Her idea has got my own brain working -- wouldn't it be so cute to find a fabric with a cute pattern, and just cut it out around the pattern, installing it over another background fabric? Hmm... The possibilities are endless...
... And though the possibilities for cute temporary wallpaper are practically endless, the point of temporary wallpaper is that it can come to an end in the first place. Jordan Ferney at Oh Happy Day recently vacated her San Francisco home in order to move to Paris. (Where's my tiny violin?) She had Sherwin William's TemPaper installed in her hallway, and shared its removal with her readers.
According to Jordan, removal was a quick and easy process, but her walls didn't escape unscathed. There was some glue residue left on the walls, and they'll probably need to be repainted to be restored to pristine condition. But hey, it's a lot better than what normal wallpaper (let alone paint) would have required to fix. This might actually be Newton's other law of renting: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. After all, the amount of damage your decorating does to your rental will certainly cause a proportionate heart attack in your landlord. Here's hoping that temporary wallpapers like the ones above only cause a slight murmur. Via Lifehacker and Oh Happy Day.


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog! My first apt in NYC was 225 sq feet, aka my hobbit den. I hope it's ok that I follow, I think you would enjoy my blog as well and I would love it if you followed me in return!


  2. I really hate to be a stickler, and I love the blog, but I'm a science guy and not only is "what goes up must come down" not a law of physics, I don't think it's even attributed to anyone in particular.

    So many misconceptions surrounding Newton; he was really quite a character. I don't think even the apple thing is true. He did stick a needle in his eye just to see what would happen, though. I wonder why we don't get taught that in elementary school?

  3. lol - you know what, that's okay. I appreciate being called out when I'm wrong. But you'll concede that "what goes up must go down" is at least a *commonly held* misattribution, and that I'm not totally off my rocker? And I'll also admit that I often try to be cute and clever for the sake of being cute and clever while writing for TAA... So it's not quite poetic license -- blogging license, maybe?

    I did know about the apple thing being untrue, but not the needle bit! Ay yi yi. Thanks for sharing. And feel free to continue to keep me in line on the science tip. :-)

  4. I think he might have lost his vision for a few days after the needle but it came back on its own. He didn't stick it in the eyeball, but in the corner of his eye, and I think it may have been a larger needle, like a knitting needle or an awl.

    I believe Neal Stephenson actually included it in one of his system of the world novels. (Great books, btw; if you like Sci-fi you'd probably like them.)

    Just so you know. And now I've gon completely off-topic.

  5. asdfsdf: To further derail things -- I started reading Stephenson's Diamond Age, but I gotta admit I got bored halfway through. (Then I gave the book back to the person I'd borrowed it from.) I'd totally give him another chance -- perhaps I'll try a different book, though, and get back to Diamond Age later.


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