Thursday, August 12, 2010

When you date a guy, you date his apartment too.

Ah, the perils of dating when you (or your sweetheart) live in a tiny-ass apartment.
Anna of Shmitten Kitten fame has a hilarious rant about trying to use her date's minuscule bathroom.
I have no idea how a grown human can use this teensy weensy bathroom. Everything in here is tiny. The sink is the size of a child's shoe and the mirror over the sink is the size of a Pop-Tart. If we were in the roaring '20s, fun-loving collegiates would see how many people they could squish in here for fun. Clark Kent would use this bathroom to change into Superman.
Check out the rest at Shmitten Kitten, and be sure to catch the other "funny-'cause-it's-true" "Things In His House That Make Me Sad" entries, which chronicle the... interesting choices guys tend to make in their bachelor pads. Oh, gurl. Been there, seen that.

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