Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Single sleepers

Sleeper sofas can be great pieces of furniture. Unfortunately, they also tend to be great, big pieces of furniture. When I was living in San Francisco with my then-boyfriend, we had a sleeper sofa that took him, my father, and my brother to get up one flight of stairs. When it came time to move out, I thought about trying to move it with us, but knew it was impossible. Turns out that even getting it back downstairs was impossible! We had to take a hammer, scissors, and screwdriver to it to literally tear it to pieces so that we could dump it out by the curb bit by bit.

My apartment back then was certainly tiny, but we were able to fit that behemoth sofa in there somehow. Yet now that I know that sleeper chairs exist, I don't think I'll ever put myself through that kind of struggle again.

Just as Erin at Unclutterer posted this awesome entry about sleeper chairs, I got a comment on a previous entry asking about them. yeyejoijoi said that they were "looking for a small, comfortable, makes-into-a-bed-but-not-a-futon alternative. Then it would be multipurpose and the guilt would be relieved. Right?" Right!

My suggestion to yeyejoijoi was this piece from JC Penny's home furnishings; I'd actually been considering it myself.

These babies are on sale right now; some models have been marked down to $499 from their original price of $1,399. (Yeah -- big difference!)

IKEA also has a few offerings for smaller-than-sofa sleepers. Their HAGALUND is a loveseat sleeper that has storage space under the seat, and the PS LÖVÅS is super-affordable with a base price of $209. They also have cute slipcovers to change up the look and make it seem a little less like a sleeper.

Over at Unclutterer, Erin covers many more cute and non-gigantic options. My favorite is the Vincent twin sleeper from CB2. It's a bit more costly, but looks sleek and modern.

Check out the Unclutterer entry for more single sleepers.


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