Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Flower Box to Fit Your Balcony AND Budget

Oh, how I love shopping blogs. Outblush, Uncrate, Mighty Goods -- all the internet equivalent of Lucky magazine, just showing me the pretty, pretty stuff that's for sale. I don't need long editorials (I'm verbose enough on my own, thankyouverymuch), just show me a picture and tell me where I can buy it. Of course, most of the time I don't buy it. Being a little strapped these days, I often bookmark it/tear the page out, tell myself I'll buy it someday, and then inevitably forget about it. It's the new virtual window shopping, and in this economy I'm sure most of you can relate. However, Mighty Goods came up with a good one from our old pal IKEA. They featured this OSTLIG hanging flowerbox that even I could afford at $15!
We've covered balconies and other outdoor spaces here before, but I know that those of us lucky enough to have balconies big enough to hold a barbecue or a table with chairs are few and far between. More likely, if you have any kind of balcony at all, it's too small to even hold a potted plant. Yet with these cute and easy-to-install flower boxes, that's not a problem. As long as you've got a railing, you're in the flower-growing business. (Well, maybe not me. We've already established that I've got a black thumb.) So thanks, Mighty Goods, for showin' us the pretty and tellin' us where to buy it, and thanks, IKEA, for pricing it so that we CAN buy it!

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