Monday, August 23, 2010

Close to the Ledge

I am in love with this picture. Sometimes pics of furniture can be so sterile, but I love the sea green of the wall, the dark, rich wood, and the contrasting clean white of the "e," the laptop, and the chair. I'd be ready to move right into this room as-is, even if it meant changing my name to Emone.

The focus of the gorgeous scene is the shelf/desk on the wall. Featured by Dornob, the shelf is called the "Ledge" and is by UrbanCase. It's absolutely perfect for a small space: it takes up no room on the floor, it provides storage (there's a drawer on the left side) and a worktop (plus the secretary-like pull-out tray), and when it's all closed up its sleek lines give it a clean and uncluttered look.

The Ledge also comes in red, and can be used for other purposes, too. As you can see above, it can be used as a shelf for peripherals underneath a wall-mounted TV, or as a mini-DJ station with a cleverly stored record player. Put your booze and bar tools on the top, and you'd be ready to host a party off of your lil' Ledge.

Via Dornob.


  1. Yeah, I know it's expensive. *Le sigh* Perhaps it can serve as inspiration for a DIY project as opposed to purchasing it outright?


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