Monday, July 12, 2010

Store n' Slide

If it were possible for furniture to be related, I would say that this rolling pantry from Stacks and Stacks is a cousin of my favorite Container Store sliding tool holder. See the resemblance? Both slide neatly into unused nooks in your kitchen (or whereever) to create more storage beyond your reach.
Featured on Small Space Resources, the pantry rack has six shelves and glides along on casters. Unfortunately, it's an underwhelming melamine laminated particleboard that comes in either white or oak finishes. Meh. Still, after taking a good look at the pictures, this doesn't seem like it'd be very hard to make if you channel your inner Bob Villa (or Norm Abram. My dad likes This Old House). If your idea of a home improvement show is more, well, "Home Improvement" with Tim Allen (and Jonathan Taylor Thomas! Oh, how I crushed on him!), then perhaps you could just purchase this puppy and break out the Mod Podge. The Stir recently made over a metal file cabinet using paint and vinyl wall stickers, and it's perfect inspiration for a "make pretty" project like this.


  1. I'm amused that you're young enough to also have the hots for JTT.

  2. Does IKEA make an equivalent? I know they make sliding storage that's mean to be installed INTO cabinets, but maybe something of theirs could be hacked into this useful piece. I wish I'd had this in my previous apartment AND that I had an unused nook in my current one!!

  3. Amanda: Omigod, JTT was sooo cute! My bedroom door was covered in his posters, and my brother would not stop making fun of me when he noticed there was a ChapStick smudge on his lips. From me.

    Ana: Hm, that's a good question! Offhand I would think that maybe a sliding cabinet rack could be hacked to operate without a cabinet, but it'd be fairly short. Unless you stacked two. Hm...


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