Friday, July 2, 2010

Playing FarmVille in your own kitchen

We've already established that I'm a plant serial killer, and now I've felt the urge to kill rise again. As I said before, I don't mean to murder my poor plant victims, but everything I try to grow inevitably dies instead. This time it's the Hyndai Nano Kitchen Garden that's got me worked up. It's inspired within me fantasies of growing my own spinach, tomatoes, maybe a root vegetable or two, and all the herbs I'd ever need for my favorite Italian dishes. I could pick things and throw them straight into the pot! No more reaching for frozen dinners, no more buying bags of produce with good intentions and then throwing them away after they've gone unused well past their "sell by" date. The Nano Kitchen Garden is specifically designed for apartment dwellers with similar fantasies. It uses hydroponics and artificial sunlight to grow your greens, allowing you to control the growth rate and also eliminating the need for pesticides and fertilizers. And because you're growing a ton of CO2-loving plants in your kitchen, it acts as a natural air purifier. Because it appears to be about the size of a refrigerator, it won't be difficult to fit your farm in your tiny apartment. Hyndai Engineering & Construction and Gromo, two South Korean companies, won bronze in Fast Company's 2010 Idea design contest with the Nano Kitchen Farm. No word yet on whether it'll be manufactured and brought to the States, so their mini-crops are safe from my deadly touch... for now. Via Dvice and Fast Company Design.

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