Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Peel Here to Uninstall

Super-busy moving time! Packing up is actually easy when it's all stuff you know you won't need for a while. But now we're in the home stretch where I'm packing things I use every day, and, to quote "Hot Fuzz" and every action movie ever, "This shit just got real." But I've got a tidbit for you all, especially those of you who're thinking about applying starched fabric to your walls. As you may recall, my mom came and basically did my whole living room wall for me after my knee surgery. Now I've got to sadly, sadly pull it all down. But! The removal process is going really well. I'm pulling out the few staples we had to use to keep the fabric up, and then it all peels off easily. There's a little bit of residue left, but nothing a few swipes of a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can't handle. The fabric looks to be in good condition, and I'm already thinking about the things to make out of it once I've run it through the wash! (And since my sewing skills are rather basic, it looks like I'll be making about 45 brown linen throw pillows.) Since we're on the topic of moving, Lifehacker has a great moving guide that's helpful whether you're moving a mansion or a tiny-ass apartment! Check it out!

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