Friday, July 9, 2010

(Bamboo) Shoot 'Em Up

As a little followup to yesterday's post on making the most of your tiny-ass balcony, check out this post from Remodelista. Bamboo fencing is a quick and easy way to create a privacy screen around your balcony, so you can keep prying eyes away from your drunken Romeo and Juliet or Evita reenactments. And of course, it doesn't take up much room, is flexible enough to go around corners, and is easy to install.

Via Remodelista.


  1. Ah - times like this I wish that our building management/HOA would let us put screens/walls up on our balcony!

  2. Ew, that sucks! My current building manager sucks, too, so I know what a pain that can be. :-(


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