Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wallpaper Brizilliance

My friend Victoria likes to use her own word, "brizilliant," for stuff that's amazing and brilliant. This tip from Lonny Magazine (via Oh Joy!) definitely fits that description.

I long for the day when I can wallpaper my home, whether it's in the traditional style or in renter-friendly style like the tip above or with temporary wallpaper. My current building managers are, shall we say, a little uptight? I'm terrified of putting up temporary wallpaper because I know they'll pitch a fit, even if I explain to them that methods like the one from Lonny or temporary wallpaper are designed to be non-damaging. I was having heart palpitations putting starched fabric on the walls, but they haven't been inside my apartment since I did it, and I'm leaving in a month now anyway. I'd heard horror stories from my neighbors; one said she painted her walls, expecting to just lose her deposit when she moved out, but instead the managers brought down the hammer and said she needed to repaint it to white immediately or they'd evict her. Yikes. People like that, who make turning your apartment into a home, frustrate me to no end. I won't be sorry to leave those buzzkills behind!

Via Oh Joy! and Lonny Magazine.


  1. Golly gee! I love it when I'm mentioned in your blogosphere!

  2. Gotta rain on the Lonny parade a little. After 4-7 days, there is no guarantee of clean release when using blue painter's tape (see packaging), particularly in hot climes. It could work and seems worth trying but you should have a backup plan in place.

  3. Hm, good point! I was actually thinking that humid weather would make the tape lose its stick and start to fall. Still, might be worth a try -- starting with a small wall first. :-P


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