Monday, June 28, 2010

Resource Furniture: More Than Meets The Eye

Out of all the transforming furniture we've featured here at Tiny-Ass Apartment, the most remarkable have come from Resource Furniture, a New York-based retailer that carries Italian-designed pieces that'll make your jaw drop. In my earlier post, we took a look at a couch that turns into bunk beds with a few motions. Now, thanks to Core77 and Walyou, we have a whole video of their amazing creations.
Ron Barth, the president of Resource Furniture, walks us through the collection and explains the process by which they're made. Designing them requires a furniture designer, mechanical engineer, and hardware company to collaborate on each piece's look, multiple functions, and how to transform it from one kind of furniture to another. I'm really impressed with the ease of use; the moving parts use hydraulics and are perfectly balanced so that it requires only a few fingers to move whole panels, shelves and desks remain parallel to the floor so that you don't have to clear them off before moving them around, and Murphy beds have a safety catch so that it doesn't come crashing down when you try to lower the bed.
Though their hideaway beds are the most visually impressive during their transformations, my favorites are the simpler tables. I love the side table that transforms into a dining table (above), and the white coffee table that expands and provides storage (below).
The look of Resource Furniture's products are as modern and streamlined as you'd expect from pieces that are basically Optimus Prime, Table In Disguise. However, I'd still love to see pieces done in a more antique style. It'd be badass to see a carved wooden armoire flip down into a claw-and-ball-footed loveseat! Via Core77, Walyou, and Resource Furniture.

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