Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tables, Saws, and Tablesaws

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for their kind words about my apartment in the last post! Your compliments have lifted my spirits, and your suggestions have given me a lot of good ideas to think over. To hell with the Smallest, Coolest contest! I've got you guys, and it's sooo much better. Now, have you ever seen an idea so simple, so obvious that at first you slap your forehead in surprise, then get mad that YOU didn't think of it first? Behold the aTable:
It's so simple: a table with hollow legs that are meant for you to run your cords and wires through them to the worktop. The aTable was designed by Beatus Kopp, a graduate of the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design. Total genius. Now, though the table saves visual space by hiding away all that cord-clutter, the actual product is a lil' on the big side for a TAA. And with its simplicity, it makes you think that perhaps you could turn this into a DIY project... ... And you can, in the World's Smallest Woodworking Shop! Ta-daa! Instructables user Steliart lives in an apartment in Cyprus and has limited space for his passion: woodworking. So, he turned the 5' by 5' storage space near his parking spot into a workshop!
Most of his specs are a little over my head, but if you're into This Old House and its ilk, you'll appreciate how he took such a small space and fit a myriad of tools into it. Hm. I wonder if it's possible to build a whole house out of that tiny workshop in Steliart's tiny-ass apartment... Both links via Unclutterer.

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