Saturday, April 3, 2010

U.F.O. (Unidentified Flying Oven)

I've heard about converting your closet into an office, even into a bathroom, but this is a first: a kitchen!

Okay, I fudged that. This kitchen was not converted from a closet, but clearly it could fit into one. (Although knowing my love of a late-night snack, a closet-kitchen might not be a bad idea...) The Kitchn featured this "micro-kitchen" that was created to fit the apartment owner's strict request that the kitchen have a very, very, very small footprint.

But that's not to say that the owner doesn't ever cook. In fact, he's quite the baker -- and check out the crazy-cakes oven he's got. The oven is mounted above the stove, and the bottom lowers down to allow one to put in whatever it is that they're baking. It looks like a spaceship lowering a gangplank; you could send your cupcakes up into the mothership for a little probing.

Despite the top-of-the-line appliances, I still think this kind of kitchen would be best for someone who'd prefer to make reservations for dinner. After all, your home should reflect you and your priorities. If cooking isn't one of them, minimize the space your kitchen eats up, and focus on whatever else suits your needs.

Just make sure you still have enough room to whip up some mashed potatoes in case you feel like making a reminder of your UFO experience...

Via The Kitchn. Image from Columbia Pictures.


  1. Hi! I love your blog. I got a kick out of this post. I'm not a cook so could probably function with a teeny-tiny kitchen. But, I do like function and there is something I see all the time on design sites that drives me crazy. That's the microwave up high, like above the fridge or something like that. It mystifies me. Maybe the people aren't as vertically challenged as I am. I'm only 5'2". But when we put something in the microwave, doesn't it come out like 1000 degrees? And should we be lifting stuff like that over our head? Maybe it's just me. What's your take?

  2. Heh, my kitchen is this size, although not from any choice of my own. As I love to cook, I can tell you, it is mostly impractical, especially when the dishes start piling up. It's only handy because everything is within easy reach. Also, I'm imagining what would be the end result of the common house party phenomenon where everyone eventually ends up hanging out in the kitchen...

    The oven thing is cool, but seriously? The fridge is under the stove? That's like the biggest No-No of kitchen design there is. So energy-insufficient: fridge trying to stay cool and stove trying to stay hot, and the energy consumption sky rockets.

  3. Peggy: Hm, interesting point. I believe strongly in "thinking up" to maximize vertical space. That would definitely be tricky for the "vertically challenged." As for the oven featured here, it doesn't appear that the food is inserted/removed at above eye level, but obviously one needs to be careful when handling hot dishes at any height.

    Elina: Solid point re: energy efficiency. I wonder if that factored into the architects' design, and if so, what they did about it. I was a little surprised to see the fridge there myself; at first glance I expected that to be the oven.


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