Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Evening Edition

Hey guys! Got some late edition updates for ya...

First of all, I wanted to thank Apartmentalizing for their sweet review of TAA. Aw, you guys. This is why I write this blog, to help inspire others with small spaces. That, and the groupies. Aw yeah, the groupies.

And to follow up on my post about terrariums yesterday, I found this really cool terrarium pendant on ArtFire from user shesthatgirl last night. This is a perfect example of how you don't need a lot of space to have a little green in your home -- or around your neck, apparently.

Don't forget to enter for a chance to win a blackboard wall decal from Wilson Graphics! Leave a comment on the contest post here, and the winner will get a decal of their choice! The deadline is Thursday, so move it!

I also just got back from Michael Levine, an amazing fabric store in Los Angeles's Fabric District. I'm kind of a space cadet sometimes; I was looking all over the internet for cool fabrics for a few different projects, when my cousin Amy (who's quite the crafty lady -- or 'bot, if you will) pointed out that, duh, I live in L.A., and there's a whole neighborhood dedicated to just fabrics! The wonderful Jackie Page of ALTER pointed me in the direction of Michael Levine, and off I went. I wish I'd had more time to browse, and more money, and that I had a working sewing machine, but I had to just get what I came for and leave again. If you're in Los Angeles, definitely check it out. I know I'll be back for sure.

Now, the reason I didn't have much time at Michael Levine is because I'm running around doing errands and trying to finish projects today. You see, my knee surgery (I tore my ACL back in January) is scheduled for tomorrow. I was trying to get everything done for the Apartment Therapy Smallest Coolest contest (my ladyfriend Liz is shooting my place on Saturday!), but now my timetable's moved up since I'll be pretty useless after having a cadaver ACL put in my left knee! Eeek!

So, if my posting gets a little more irregular, you'll know why. Or if I start posting about how I rode unicorns through marshmallows, you'll know why. My doctor asked me what I do, and when I said I was a writer (in the loosest, loosest sense of the term, but he doesn't need to know that), he said, "Well, you'll probably write some interesting things while you're on Vicodin..." Hah.

And for that very reason, I've told my friends that they're welcome to visit, but not to bring any video cameras. I'm don't want to end up like poor David here...

God, I LOVE that video.


  1. Can not wait to see if I win the decal! Still lovin the blog ...and at least I know I am not alone in wanting a home, decorated with Anthropology items NOT on sale , but in reality do not even have enough for the Dollar Store and live in an apartment.<3

  2. i'm a HUGE fan of terrariums these days!! i am seeing them all over blogs, but never have a seen a necklace of one! that is soo adorable!

  3. Good luck with the surgery! I busted me knee up in high school and it's the most annoying injury. I hope you have a super quick recovery that doesn't involve unicorn hallucinations!


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