Tuesday, April 6, 2010

D**k In a Box

One: cut a hole in the box.

Two: put your junk in the box.

Three: make her open the box.

And that's the way you do it, it's my DESK in a box!

... Wait, did you think I was going to say something else?

As you may recall, I was seriously drooling over Restoration Hardware's Mayfair Steamer Secretary Trunk. Not only was it gorgeous, but the idea of having a whole office inside of a closeable box was really appealing. Once your work was done, you could close it up, hiding any messiness and also allowing you to take a mental break. But alas, the nearly three thousand dollar price tag was enough to make me have a mental break.

Fortunately, there are more affordable options. Small Space Resources, which lists pieces of furniture that will easily fit into even the smallest of TAAs, has this folding computer armoire from Fingerhut.

It's a compact workstation that covers all the basics, and which can be moved someplace else if needed. Fingerhut also carries other computer armoires of varying sizes, so if this one is a little too minimalist for you, you can find something with a bit more under the lid.

If you're someone who wants to "cut a hole in the box" yourself, so to speak, check out this DIY "craft pod" on IKEA Hacker. Reader Liz created a work station for her sewing and crafting using two BILLY bookcases (as well as a few hinges, wheels, and a fold-out shelf).

Now, one might argue that you could just as easily have a traditional desk for your computer or sewing machine, and that it might actually take up less room. However, I believe that sometimes managing visual clutter is more important than the physical space objects can take up. If your crafting supplies are out and visible at all times, your eye would be drawn to it, bouncing over each bin, tool, and object. But with these closeable pieces of furniture, you could close up shop, and have a clean line for the eye to glide over instead.

And if Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake come over, I'm sure they could give you something for your eye to glide over as well.

Via Small Space Resources, Fingerhut, and IKEA Hacker.


  1. Oh my goodness gracious my dear, I LOVE the title of this post. Hilarious!!

  2. Thank you, dahling, I do what I can. :-P

  3. lol...Unleashing my inner cougar is not a good thing..however, the crafty cat in me wants to keep it clean and screw on a few piano hinges! I love this idea, I need a couple of BILLYs! Personally, I could never sew in a space that compact, but it's a great way to store my sewing machine! And a nice way to tame my fabric stash. hmmm..

  4. Wow this is amazing. You should do another post in the future with some other SNL thing . maybe J****d in my pants

  5. Everything seems to be compact nowadays, from compact cars to compact homes and now a compact and folding computer table? Give it 3 more years and we will definitely witness home furniture's that can be folded into a suitcase.


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