Friday, April 2, 2010

Aloft Again

Time to revisit one of TAA's most popular topics: loft beds! Remodelista has a roundup of four really cool loft beds. Sure, they're billing them as children's loft beds, but we all know you're mentally still children anyway. Just if you get one of these beds for yourself, wait until your mom's not looking before you drop a water balloon on your sister from above.

Via Remodelista.


  1. I kind of fell in love with the name of your blog so I had to check you out! :-D

    You have a great blog, thanks for the inspiration! :-)

  2. Thanks! When I got started I was worried that the name might offend some people, but thankfully it seems that most of you have the same sense of humor as I do. :-P

  3. Soo cool!! These seem like awesome space savers!

  4. You rock & you roll Baby! I love this website!... I've been darn near 'hawking'/ checking out the ikea web site & others for months waiting for the right loft bed to become avail in my area!!!! I am so tired of sleeping on a pullout couch that faces 9 cases of "matching" blue storage containers. I want to retreat to a spacious looking bedroom & not what appears to be a baby blue-&-white-storage-room-with-office afterthought. ha!

    I have a beautiful picture window that allows you to see the blue sky & cityscape, white walls with light blue accent walls in alternating spaces, a glass desk & an insufficient amount of storage space for clothing & stuff. Professionally , I am many things, but in terms of room/storage space: I'm an artist, an editor,videographer, writer, oh & a female... with lots of extra stuff that 'chicks' have like hair products, & makeup cases & random stuff we declare we 'need'. hahaha I have ALOT of stuff I can't use because I have no floor space!

    These days I mostly sit at the desk, sleep in the bed. I walk around it when I want to get to the other side of the room. I fold up the bed when I want to work out, or just go for a run outdoors. Truth be told. I'm tired doing that!

    What I want to see when I walk in is a Caribbean waters & sky blue elevated bed, with a beautiful sheer blueish curtainish skirt below hiding actual shelves for my stuff..and or additional closet space or clothing rods. Almost like a private separator using hanging aircraft wire & blue sheers & some art work. I hate clutter. Airy beautiful, blue skyish & a place to put everything without it looking tacky- in front or behind the curtain sheers. I want to walk in & think I just entered a lounge or a vacation resort room.

    I woke up one day & thought I should hide all this stuff away under a loft bed until I can afford some fancy shelves! ... I love your website. If you have any ideas of how & where I can get a decent loftbed & shelving done in expensive '@ss' NYC for 'less than ikea$$$ please post on your blog! ... I'd love to feature you on my site for my upcoming web series... check out my show Little$ LottaYard on there as well.

    Peace & wonderful ways to expand all of our tiny@ss apts!!! (lol) from your coast to mine.
    Thankyou! You definately Rock & Roll Baby, definately Rock & Roll!



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