Thursday, March 4, 2010

Trays + Ottomans = 2 GETHA 4 EVA

Pairing a serving tray with an ottoman is an incredibly chic and luxurious look. Oh, you want someplace to put your feet up? Here's an ottoman. Want a drink? Let me bring it to you on this tray. Now put your feet down, I need to put down the tray. MOVE, DAMMIT.

Maybe it doesn't really work that well in practice. I guess the idea is that if you wanted to rest your feet and have someone serve you all fancy-like, you could. I like it because it looks great. The soft feel and rich textures of ottomans contrasts nicely with a melanine, metal, or wooden tray. The objects in the tray are easily accessible, but still feel neat and contained within the rim of the tray.

And you TAA-dwellers should like this combo too, because it's a great way to get a lot of different uses out of only a few pieces.

First, using an ottoman as a coffee table gives you a lot of flexibility. Ottomans are usually smaller and more moveable than a traditional table, which is perfect when you don't have a lot of space. Many ottomans have built-in storage space, another plus when you're constantly looking for places to hide your stuff. And finally, they can also act as extra seating when you're got company callin' on you and your TAA.

From Beach Studios, Carolyn Barber, and Carolyn Barber again via Decorology

Put a serving tray into the mix and you've got even more options. Ottomans usually have nice, poufy cushions built in on top, and it's not exactly the steadiest place to display little objets d'art. That vase is going to go right over if you try and put it on a tufted velvet top. But plunk down a tray, and ta da! Instant hard, even surface.

Selina Lake, The Office Stylist, PB Teen

The best part is, of course, is being able to remove the tray to use the ottoman for the functions described above. It's a coffee table! It's a place to sit! It's a place to put your feet! It's a place to hide the TV remote and the trashy OK magazine you were reading!

Aren't you so cute and clever? Now take this tray and get me a drink. Move, dammit!


  1. when I moved into my new apartment I went a little crazy at BB&B. I picked up 2 wood serving trays that had removable glass on the bottom with little picture inserts I could replace. I printed out a few pictures of me and friends and customized my trays which are now acting more as picture frames than trays but those are a nice way to add a personal touch!

    - Liz C

  2. Oh my! I am in love with the grey/blue room and the pink one!!! Although don't think my husband would let me decorate the house with so much pink hehe! I think functional ottomans are definitely the way to go!

  3. I'm hoping that once I find an armchair (I keep trying to "complete" my apartment, right now I need a reading chair!), I'll be able to afford/fit an ottoman! They're so cute, I want one so bad! The blue and gray office makeover is one of my favorites (my favorite colors!), but the pink is so fresh and cheery! Maybe the husband would let you get away with painting a smaller room, like a guest room or bathroom, pink?

  4. love this! So many things I never thought about. Like ottomans. Or trays.

  5. I'm glad I'm able to help spark a brainstorm -- you have to show us what comes out of it!

  6. The Moroccan pouf with silver tray and pink tea votives... from here:

    One of my faves.

  7. Jesse: Fixed, and thank you! That was a pic I'd had for aaages, before I even thought of having a blog. I tried to find a credit for it when I thought about including it here, but I could never find the site I'd found it on. :-( Thank you for the info!


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