Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Is that clear?!" "Lucite."

Apologies to Aaron Sorkin for butchering that "A Few Good Men" quote.

And now, to further tell the tale of me and Rachel's shopping adventures this past weekend... We were in IKEA when we came across their TOBIAS chair. All I could think about was Tobias Funke and if there was a set of chairs called the "GOBIAS" (as in, "go buy us a cup of coffee"). Rachel looked at it and said, "That'd be the WORST chair to sit on in a bikini."

Can't argue with that. But even though it puts the user at risk of a "pressed ham" (DON'T Google that), clear Lucite chairs and other pieces of furniture can look really great, and work well in a TAA. They blend into the background, allowing you to put the focus on other pieces in your home, they go with everything, and they let light through and brighten up any dark and dusty corner.

From Candy Pop and Urban Grace Interiors via Apartment Therapy: Los Angeles...

... and Ron Marvin (via AT: NY) and Traditional Home (via Decorology).

Many of these pieces marry a traditional silhouette with a modern material, so it works if you've got an old-world home, or if you're already working with something more mod. Lucite does seem to have its disadvantages, though: it'd show dust pretty quick, and it's prone to scratching. But if you don't mind an occasional wipedown with a soft cloth (that's what she said), have at it!

For more Lucite inspiration, check out:

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  1. So I just started following you because of Design Sponge, and oh my gosh. You have me rolling with laughter. You do know the moment you say Don't google that, it automatically makes someone curious...

    On the other hand, I do love the look of lucite. In an office I worked in, everything had to be color coordinated. Lucite, White, Red, or Pink. I love the look of lucite chairs around a giant conference room table.

  2. I can never sit in one of those chairs now for fear of what my butt would look like in them! They do look really invisible though, which is nice for small spaces.

  3. I wish they were call Gobias chairs. Come on!

    I, too, found you via D*S and I already like you better than them. They would never say "pressed ham".

  4. Now now, no one's better than anyone else, we're just "different." :-P I just really enjoy my immature pop culture and sexual references along with my design.

    Jesse: I use "Come on!" alllll the time, and it's such an obscure quote from an already obscure show that it's rare finding someone who gets it. But I keep saying it anyway.

    Alyson: Lucite, red, white, or pink? Were you working for a Valentine's Day card company? ;-)

    Annelise: I'd be more worried about the squeaking/farting sounds that would come from sitting in a Lucite chair on a hot day and trying to move around... :-P

  5. i LOVE your blog! so creative, hilarious, and stylish!!!

  6. Oh I know your pain. I sometimes quip, "Unlimited juice? This party's going to be off the hook!" to blank stares. And then I realize...I've made a terrible mistake.

  7. McCabe: Thank you! :-D

    Jesse: All you need to do is take a forget-me-now to erase those painful memories.


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