Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A periodic table - redux

Back in January I featured this ingenious piece from Ivy Design, which mounts on the wall as a frame and swings down with foldable legs to become a table. This table from Italian company Porada takes it just a step further.

Instead of being permanently mounted on the wall, you can hang the "Tip" table/mirror from wall brackets, or just leave it leaning up against the wall. (I love the look of a full-length floor mirror, and the Tip looks mighty heavy, so that's the method I'd prefer.) Because the piece isn't permanently mounted on the wall, you're free to move it to whereever you need it. And of course, instead of a picture frame, the tip has a mirror on the underside, which I think is much more practical. Sure, you COULD have a huuuge portrait of moi hanging in your home -- I completely understand -- but from a small-space standpoint, having a large, reflective mirror will create the illusion of more space in your tiny home.

Via Freshome, Born Rich, Captivatist, and Porada.


  1. Simone ~ you find the most amazing things! :)

  2. Its a mirror... its a table... THIS IS GREAT! I am moving into my own place at the end of September and its probably going to be a tiny ass apartment so this is all really helpful!

  3. Eileen: This is what happens when you spend so much time on the internet that there are permanent laptop marks on the tops of your legs. :-P

    Alyson: Thanks! I worry that it might be expensive -- it's Italian and fancy and all -- but this seems like a reasonable DIY... or maybe something you could pay to have someone else make for you.

  4. This just might work in my new kitchen....I can't have a table permanently in their because the dishwasher opens onto the one little space that might be used as for a table...


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