Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Livin' large in Hong Kong

I am typing this with my mouth still hanging open. I just watched a video tour of one of the smallest, most amazing apartments I have ever seen. Tiny Palace linked to this video by "The World's Greenest Homes" on Planet Green from the Discovery Channel.

Gary Chang is an architect in Hong Kong, which is easily one of the most densely-packed cities in the world. He lives in a 330 square-foot tenement apartment that once housed himself, his parents, his sisters, AND a tenant when he was younger. Now that he's got the place to himself, he's made a few changes...

You have to watch the video to get the full impact. Using moveable walls and hideaway furniture, Gary's apartment has 24 different configurations. Move a wall, bam, there's the kitchen. Move it back, drop down the sofa -- there's your living room. Flip up the couch and pull down the bed -- bedroom. The guy even has a SCREENING ROOM with a HAMMOCK. It's incredible.

The apartment's footprint is small even in terms of environmental impact. He installed floor-to-ceiling windows with an amber tint to bring warm light into his place, and mirrors and shiny metal further reflect the light to brighten up the whole space. He says he almost never has to turn on the electric lights.

I hope this guy brings his small-space skills to the U.S. I'd love to live in his "transformer domestic" apartment. It's the closest I've seen to the Fifth Element apartment!

Via Tiny Palace and Planet Green by Discovery.


  1. My boyfriend and I just watched the video in awe. He said "This is the future" haha I hope so! Wow!

  2. that's the coolest thing i've ever seen! the hammock was the best part for sure :)

  3. It totally is the future. I think it's going to be pretty awesome.

  4. Nicole: I'm seriously considering a hammock now. It looks sooo relaxing, and it doesn't take up much space, either...

  5. Hi! I found your site on Design*Sponge. It's GREAT. Thanks for the video link to the tiny apartment. Holy crap! I was shocked. Mainly because of the apartment, but also because I'm a TV host, and I was asked to audition for the show "World's Greenest Homes". Funny!
    Again ... GREAT site. I live in a house, but it's not what you'd call large. I one bathroom is actually kind of in my kitchen. So I think I count as an honorary SAA member. :)


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