Monday, March 1, 2010

Link dump

Along with being wordy, I'm also bookmark-y. I looove bookmarking stuff; I always fully intend to go back and read the link's content carefully and then cover it here at TAA, but where's a whole lotta stuff on the internet, in case you didn't notice. Today, I'm gonna clear out some of my bookmarks (and Delicious bookmarks, and Google Reader starred items) and dump them here on you.

Better Homes and Gardens has 15 solutions for working with a small bedroom. Most are practical and simple: playing with color, pattern, and focal points for visually increasing the size of your bedroom. The pictures are really inspirational -- the rooms shown are gorgeous and TOTALLY doable!

Downtown Los Angeles is seeing a lot of old buildings (many of them old factories) turned into chic modern lofts. The LA Times has a gallery of four lofts inside the Toy Factory which can lend inspiration about what to do -- and in one case what NOT to do -- in your own loft. (Seriously, the first loft shown is so crammed with stuff it makes me claustrophobic.) Thanks, my darling Sasha, for the link!

This apartment's been making the rounds on the the interwebs: Zach Motil's 178-square-foot Brooklyn Studio demonstrates a mastery of using furniture to delineate distinct and separate living spaces in his tiny home. The New York Times has a cute article on him (Zach's only 25 and is just adorable in his picture -- oh honey, let's go flea market shopping together!) and his purposefully jam-packed apartment.

Finally, our trusty standby Apartment Therapy: Los Angeles has a short article about the basics of maximizing your space in a small apartment. Can't argue with any of their tips; it's a great article for someone just starting out with their tiny-ass apartment.


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