Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Link dump and announcements!

Hello, TAA dwellers (and those of you who are jealous of our cozy little homes)! We have a new way for you guys to connect with each other, and tag embarrassing pictures of yourselves after a few too many on a Saturday night -- we've got a Facebook fan page now. Become a fan, share links, discuss the methods to your small-space madness, post up photos of your favorite spaces, write on the Wall -- and you don't even need chalkboard paint to do that last one.

And now, links!

Check out this small Bernal Heights house on Apartment Therapy: San Francisco. Though the place looks a little "stagey" in the pictures, their tips are solid. I particularly like the idea of "bottom up shades." I'll be looking into those for my own kitchen.

Hey winos! Looks like those years of buying in bulk will pay off for you. House And Fig has a cute DIY about making a wine-box shelf. It looks cool (and it's got that repurposing thing going for it), it's cheap, and it provides storage. (I'd want to build one out of boxes from Caduceus Cellars - especially if I could get the owner and proprietor to help me. Rowr. BTW, check out the documentary Blood Into Wine, about Tool/A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan's journey into starting his own vineyard in northern Arizona. Very interesting, plus a few laughs and really good music.)


  1. suh-weet - i'm so totally gonna take advantage of the TAA facebook page.

    (plus the wine-box shelf rocks too!)

  2. I use wine boxes for underbed storage! They look great, work great and they were free - the triple threat!

    See you on facebook!


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