Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fireplaces: Hot like fyah

I think fireplaces are so glamorous. I can imagine sitting in front of a crackling, wood-burning fireplace with a warm throw and a good book (for the G-rated version), or with a glass of wine and John Krasinski (for the PG-13 version). Sadly, my recent experience with fireplaces has been limited to the Yule log on TV during Christmas. (I was at a New Year's party where we sat and watched it, transfixed, hoping to see where the tape's loop began. No, we weren't "inhaling any smoke," either.)

Still, I know some of you TAA dwellers out there are lucky enough to have fireplaces in your homes. Just because your place is small doesn't mean it can't rock a nice fireplace and mantel! However, not everyone uses their fireplace all the time, and some go completely unused. If you fall into the latter category, consider taking advantage of your little nook, and turn your hearth into something unique and useful.

A kitchen fireplace converted into storage (via Apartment Therapy: Chicago), and a TV pushed back into a fireplace (via Apartment Therapy: NY)...

Books stored in fireplaces -- for aesthetic purposes only. No book burnings, pls. (From CasaSugar and Elements of Style)

You know how much I love desks in closets -- now it's desks in fireplaces! (From Craftzine.)

I also like the idea of putting a wine rack in your fireplace, or creating a shrine to your shoes. You can add storage and decor, all neatly framed under the mantel. For a great gallery on decorating unused fireplaces, check out this article on Apartment Therapy.

And just because it makes me laugh:

Professor Henry Jones: Junior, I have tell you something.
Indiana Jones: Don't get sentimental now Dad, save it until we get out of here.
Professor Henry Jones: The floor's on fire... see... AND the chair.


  1. Dude, I love the desk in the fireplace!

  2. Burn the books!! Or at least pull on from the giant stack so they all tumble to the floor.

  3. Muriel, you troublemaker! Anyway, I'd imagine that if you pulled a book from the stack the rest would just collapse inward. So there!

    Burn your law school books and come hang out with me instead.

  4. Great ideas! My boyfriend uses his for magazines, and my mom uses hers for candles. I want a fireplace that I can use to actually make fire.

  5. Gina: In the words of Bevis (or was it Butthead?) -- "Heh heh heh, fire's cool!"

    Srsly, tho. I'd love to have a usable fireplace too. I'd eat s'mores every night. :-P

  6. Oh i love the book idea :) And Indiana Jones and the last crusade!

  7. I once lived in a TAA that had two fireplaces, both working! It was formerly the parlor/dining room of a bigger house that had been turned into a studio. I loved the fireplaces - they were the best part of the place. Awesome pictures!


  8. Clarissa: One of my favorite movies EVER!

    Catherine: Wow, that sounds amazing! Might it be too much to hope that you took pictures of your old place? I'd love to see it! That place must have gotten pretty warm if you had both fires going...

  9. You just made me totally laugh out loud. Thanks!

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