Friday, February 26, 2010

Transformers: Bunk Beds in Disguise!

A piece of furniture on Epic Win | FTW?! I thought I'd never live to see the day when a convertible sofabed was considered to be full of pwnage.

This sofa, called "DOC," is from ResourceFurniture in New York. It's a part of their "Space Savers" line of beds; most beds either transform into sofas, or disappear completely into the wall. This is perfect for someone looking to hide their own bed and maximize their space, or for someone without a lot of room but who still wants to be able to host overnight guests.

Another, clearer shot of the DOC

While we're on amazing transforming furniture, I have to share this astounding table:

It doesn't exactly look tiny or affordable, but it's still mesmerizing. More furniture makers should be encouraged to make their pieces adjustable or convertible; I know we TAA dwellers would appreciate the flexibility!

Via Epic Win, Resource Furniture, StyleAtHome's Twitter feed, and Jason Fitzpatrick's (the yummiest Lifehacker editor, mrawr) Twitter feed.


  1. I'm in love with both of these items. Give me the table and the bunk beds, and I'll have the best party tricks ever!

  2. Queerie, I'm worried that you won't take the drinks off the table before you start spinning it around. :-P

    Lulu, the table is astounding. Like, my mouth opened when I watched the video. They didn't sacrifice any style to make it so adjustable. Watching it move is like watching a kaleidoscope.

    Owl Barn (love your name, BTW!) -- those bunk bed/sofas look like they'd even fit in MY small place! I'd make up excuses for people to stay over all the time!

  3. Wow... that bed/couch is fantastic! Wish I'd known about this back when I saw living in a studio apartment!!

  4. this would be great on a smaller scale to go from accent table to dinner table (for 4-6, not 10-12)

  5. Totally agree about the transforming table. End table to coffee table or small dining table would be PERFECT.


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