Friday, February 26, 2010

A Stunning San Franciscan Studio

When I come home to youu, San Francisco, your golden suuun will shiiiine on meee!

... Actually, according to my mother, it's raining in the Bay Area right now. *Sigh* I wish I were there! It's supposed to rain here in LA this weekend, but LA rain isn't the same as San Francisco rain. For starters, everyone in LA FLIPS THE EFF OUT, like water falling from the sky is one of the signs of the End of Days.

I'd especially like to be in San Francisco, living in this adorable studio. The big windows would be perfect for looking out onto the misty city and listening to the drops beat against the glass.

Cristie, the subject of Apartment Therapy: San Francisco's latest housecall, has lived in her teeny-tiny studio for about a year and a half. She estimates that it's only about 300 square feet, but her well-chosen, eclectic furniture keeps the space from feeling crowded. She says that she spent little money on doing up her place, mostly finding things on sale or purchasing things from Craigslist. A tiny-ass apartment on a tiny-ass budget! I love this girl.

I also love love love the built-in in her kitchen. It provides much-needed storage, but the beautiful trim gives it a bit more charm than just shelves-in-the-wall. It's very San Franciscan-looking.

And I still can't get over that window. That's a window you see on a movie or TV set. I half-expect Jennifer Aniston to go to the window and make some crack about the Ugly Naked Guy in the apartment across the way...

Via Apartment Therapy: San Francisco.


  1. I would kill for a window like that. I think the small square space would be a fair sacrifice for a window that glorious.

  2. Agreed! Like I said, it looks like a movie set! You can't find that kind of glamour just anywhere.

  3. That window makes getting up in the morning worth it...amazing how much it changes the room!


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