Sunday, February 14, 2010

Storage tips: Hard Rock Edition

I've been known to plunk plunk plunk on my bass guitar every once and again. (And with a bum knee, I've been at it more than ever.) When I'm not thickening the calluses on my fingertips by practicing, I like having my bass on display in my living room. Musical instruments can be a beautiful addition to a home -- but what if you're a rocker-type with more guitars than space?
The Guitar Hanger, featured on Apartment Therapy: SF, is an interesting solution. If you've got more closet space than floorspace, consider this handy tool. It's a hanger that holds your guitar by the neck and hangs it from a traditional clothing hanger rod like the one in your closet. Dress shirt, sport coat, Fender, leather jacket...
I also like this idea because a guitar collection that's visible from your windows can be pretty tempting for a burglar. Hiding your babies in the closet at least ensures a kind of "out of sight, out of mind" safety. But if you're not concerned about theft, you could also use these hangers to mount your guitars on the wall. Just put a few hooks on the wall to hold the hangers, and you can swap out your guitar display whenever you feel like it. Sometimes you're in a steel guitar mood, sometimes it's a Flying V day... And for the less musically-inclined: yes, Rock Band guitars fit too.
Via Apartment Therapy: SF and Guitar Hanger.

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