Monday, February 22, 2010

More than just a one nightstand

It's nice to find that you're more than a one night stand. Oh nightstands, you mean more to me than just a one-time fling -- or one-time post. Please come back to me!

This post on Apartment Therapy: Los Angeles prompted me to revisit the issue of bedside storage with limited space. Over on IKEA Hacker, reader Angela submitted her creative repurposing idea: wall-mounting a basket and toothbrush cup holder next to the bed in lieu of a traditional nightstand.

I love this idea! You can toss your book, TV remote, and eyeglasses into the basket before you drift off, and place your glass of water on the cupholder. I do have to echo the commenters on the AT post, though: what if you're just not coordinated enough for the Lillholmen toothbrush cupholder? I know that when I'm groggy I can barely get up and walk from the bedroom to the bathroom sometimes. The nuanced hand-eye coordination required to maneuver the glass onto the small cupholder might be too much. And can you imagine the disasters if you mounted this next to your loft bed?

But it does give me another idea: maybe rig a glass of water to an alarm clock so that it dumps water on you in the morning?

Via Apartment Therapy: Los Angeles, IKEA Hacker, and IKEA.

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  1. I once used an IKEA Lack table with a rattan basket that slid under it and functioned like a drawer. It worked pretty well. I also used a couple of storage boxes from Kikki K with the nice silver label holders on the front. It looked great and kept my glasses, vitamins, journal, letters etc hidden from view!


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