Saturday, February 20, 2010

In Memoriam: Robin Sillau

After my post about loft beds, which featured some of the work of Robin Sillau, I received a saddening email from her mother, Holly. Robin passed away last month at the age of 25. Obviously, I did not know Robin personally, but it's heartbreaking to find that someone so young and talented has left us far too early. My thoughts go out to her family, and I thought I'd post some pictures of her work for us all to appreciate.

Via Hilary White Interior Design, Decor8. Please also check out PhotoMatt7 and Don Kim Music for more memories of Robin.


  1. how awful!! so sad to hear this. looks like she had such talent at SUCH a young age!

  2. I just found your blog today and was looking at Robin's work over on the loft page. I was then shocked to scroll down and find out she had passed away. I googled her and found her Twitter where her last tweet was wedding dress shopping two days before her death.

    I'll be 25 next month and it's horrifying that someone so young could just simply up and die and what's worse, I'm not finding anything on what took her life. She seems to have really checked out and disappeared into the light, maybe behind the curtain under her loft bed...

    Now I'm crying for someone I only heard about 20 minutes ago.

  3. That's so very sad. Thanks for sharing more of her work. She was incredibly talented.

  4. I too was just browsing for loft ideas and found Robin's beautiful beautiful loft bed/closet. I can't believe we lost someone so incredibly talented.


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