Friday, February 5, 2010

Cool as a cucumber

As a blog about tiny-ass apartments, discussing Apartment Therapy's "Smallest, Coolest" contest is inevitable. I've spent hours poring over the gorgeous entries, choking on jealousy, right-click-saving pictures for my inspiration files, and making mental notes about different techniques to try. To go over all the previous entries and winners would take forever, and of course you can always just go to AT to see them anyway. But there are still a few entries that I'd like to share with you, as well as other bloggers' reactions to them. We'll kick off my favorite "Smallest, Coolest" entries with Ron Marvin's Chelsea apartment (an entry in their 2007 contest). The studio is actually a converted hotel room, and Ron used that as inspiration for the decor. (His place looks nicer than any hotel I've ever stayed in, though!) It's crisp and modern, with clean lines and a neutral palate that increases the feeling of space in the room, while pops of color and pattern (like the turquoise foo dogs, the yellow lamps, or the zebra rug) keep your eye interested.
I also love a small place that has very clearly defined areas. Ron has a sleeping area, work area, and entertaining area, all in only 300 square feet. We know organization is important in a TAA -- but it's important to remember that the organization of space itself is just as important as the organization of your clothes, kitchen tools, or other belongings.
I actually came across this particular "Smallest, Coolest" entry via Erin at Elements of Style. In her post, she offers her own commentary about Ron Marvin's marvel, as well as a few other tricks she employs when working with a small space. I love the idea of utilizing the wallspace over a door as a means to use every square inch of space you've got. (Although we Californians are always weary of hanging things that might fall on our heads in an earthquake -- and any Cali child knows you're supposed to stand in a doorway during a quake!)
Still, for such a great look, maybe it's worth a bonk on the head? Via Apartment Therapy, Ron Marvin's official site, and Elements of Style.

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