Tuesday, February 16, 2010

20 Weirdest Apartment Buildings

While I can't vouch for the tininess of the apartments located within, KoldCast TV (via Neatorama) has a list of the 20 Weirdest Apartment Buildings in the world, and some truly have to be seen to be believed. Actually, I still don't believe some of them are real. (And turns out some of them aren't -- two on the list are "to be built.") My favorite is the Urban Cactus High Rise (below), located in Amsterdam. It looks organic and futuristic at the same time, as if it's a part of a future where city-dwellers have to farm on buildings to sustain themselves.
I also dig Container City 1 in London. Shipping containers turned into homes have been around for a while, but it's seeing a resurgence in today's more eco-conscious climate.
Finally, I had to give a nod to Marina City in Chicago. It also graces the cover of one of my favorite albums by one of my favorite bands.

There is not a single bad song on this album, you have my word on that.
Via KoldCast.TV and Neatorama. Wilco's "Hotel Yankee Foxtrot" album art from Wikipedia.

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  1. I love this Urban Cactus high-rise. I'm thinking it's worth a trip to Amsterdam just to see it!


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